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Boxer Dog

Some general characteristics

The boxer dog is a medium size breed which belongs to the bullenbeisers family from whom they were developed. Boxers were developed in the 19th century and were originally bred for holding prey and hunting. Nowadays, they usually are great for living with families as well as for agility trials among several other situations.

A description

Boxers usually are between 53 cm and 63 cm tall and weight between 25 kg and 32 kg. They show a short-haired coat of different colors which usually ranges between dark brown, light brown, and some white in areas like their chest, but never color black since they do not have the gene necessary for showing that color. Boxers’ jaws are very strong and therefore they present a very potent bite.

Boxer dogs show their adult physical appearance towards the 12th or 15th month, although some of their physical features keep on developing for a longer period and they tend to show a puppy like temperament for a longer time as well. As with every other dog, it is very advisable to ask a veterinarian for guidance on how to feed and take care of your puppy boxer dog once he becomes part of the family.

Their temperament

Boxer dogs usually are very friendly and tend to be a very good choice for becoming part of a family that has children. They need to exercise and play, and usually show a puppy-like temperament for a longer period of time than most other breeds, in such a way that they often are not considered adults until they are three years old or more.

Other aspects

Boxers usually are great companion dogs, ideal for living with a family that counts with members of different ages since they usually tend to be very good with children as well as with adults. This is a very agile and intelligent breed which would easily adapt to many different situations. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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