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ENGLISH Information about Dogs Play our fun dog games Information about Dogs Information about Dogs:

New dog in the house

Welcoming your puppy dog

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Mixed-breed dogs Information about Dogs Characteristics of Various Dog Breeds:

Brittany Spaniel

Afghan Hound

Basset Hound

Beagle dog

Border Collie

Boxer dog


Chihuahua dog

Chow Chow dog

Cocker Spaniel

Collie dog

Dalmatian dog

Dogo Argentino dog

German Shepherd

Great Dane

Irish Setter

Labrador Retriever

Pekingese dog

Pointer dog

Pomeranian dog

Poodle dog

Saint Bernard dog





New Dog in the House

The decision

Bringing a dog home will surely change the lives of the house inhabitants, and this change can be an incredibly beautiful one if the dog's new family is aware of the responsibilities it implies. The decision of bringing a dog home should be taken with responsibility and being aware of all what it implies by all those who will be in charge of this new house member.

There are many aspects which those who will be in charge of the dog should consider and have in mind before actually bringing a dog home. First of all, they should be aware that the dog is a living being, and like such, it deserves to be treated with respect and love just like any other being does.


It is very important for the dog's new family to know that this being's life will depend on them and will need of their care in order to survive and be happy. Those who are responsible of bringing the new dog to the house and of its care should be always aware of this and of the dependence this new member will have on them. And, one of the main things to remark is that once a family decides adopting their dog, they should receive him for the rest of his life, and not let him go as if he was an object, as it sadly happens sometimes.



A beautiful commitment

It is important to have in mind that bringing a dog home is adopting a living being who has feelings and needs love and care to survive. Dogs can give a lot of love to their owners if they receive it back, and if properly cared, it would be a reciprocal bound which nobody else could break.

Bringing a dog home involves the assumption of new responsibilities and the desire of taking care of this life which will be new to the house and its inhabitants. A dog would probably change some of the house's everyday activities and both, the dog and his new family will need to adapt to each other. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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ESPAÑOL Information about Dogs Juega nuestros divertidos juegos de perros Information about Dogs Información General:

Un perro nuevo en casa

Recibiendo a tu perro cachorro

Elegir una raza de perro

Información sobre la adopción de perros

Los aspectos b?sicos del cuidado del perro

Buscando un nombre de perro

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Consejos para entrenar a un perro

El collar de perro apropiado

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La salud del perro

Gato y perro viviendo juntos

Buscando un regalo de perro

Información sobre comida de perro

La casa de perro apropiada

Buscando ropa de perro

Razas de perro pequeño

Razas de perro grande

Perros de tamaño mediano

Perros de razas mixtas Information about Dogs Características de Varias Razas de Perros:

Bretón Español

Dogo Argentino

Pastor Alemán

Perro Afgano

Perro Basset Hound

Perro Beagle

Perro Border collie

Perro Bóxer

Perro Bulldog

Perro Chihuahua

Perro Chow Chow

Perro Cocker Spaniel

Perro Collie

Perro Dálmata

Perro Gran Danés

Perro Labrador Retriever

Perro Pekines

Perro Pointer

Perro Pomerania

Perro Poodle

Perro San Bernardo

Perro Setter Irlandés

Perro Weimaraner



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