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German Shepherd

An overview

The German shepherd is among the most renowned dog breeds due to a variety of reasons, among which we can name its intelligence, loyalty, and agility. German Shepherds are great companions as well as excellent workers and offer such a versatility that allows them to be adaptable to a wide variety of situations and conditions.

A description

In general, German Shepherds show a very agile, athletic and awake physical appearance. This breed is characterized by a great muscular structure and a general appearance of strength, agility and vivacity. According to standards, male German Shepherds measure between 24 inches and 26 inches in height while female German Shepherds measure between 22 and 24 inches.

German Shepherds' coats are dense and present larger hair on their necks and on the back of their legs than on the rest of their body. German Shepherds present a variety of colors which usually might range between black and red, black, black and gray, or black and light brown.

Their temper

Although, as it happens with any dog breed, their temper might vary from one German shepherd to the other, there are some general characteristics that can be usually found at most of them. In general, German Shepherds are very smart and loyal animals who can be very friendly with their family as well as very protective and defensive against danger. Germen Shepherds are known to be very versatile, sociable, friendly, and self confident animals.

Other interesting aspects

Due to the unique combination offered by their personality and physical conditions, German Shepherds are excellent for obedience, police work, rescue, search, and assistance to the disabled among others. In general, they are very tolerant animals who can be a great choice for a house with children, since when well trained they could be very friendly with children as well as a great and loyal protection. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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