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The Proper Dog House


A must

If your dog doesn't live inside the house and sleeps in the exterior, he must have a protected space where he can be safe from cold, wind, and rain among other factors. This way, unless you already have a safe and protected place which your dog can use as his dog house, you must either buy or build one for him.

Aspects to consider

There several aspects to have in mind at the time of buying or building a dog house. One of the most obvious but often misunderstood aspects is the house size. The size of your dog's house must be big enough for your dog to stand in it with some spare space between his head and the roof as well as it must be wide enough for him to turn in it. At the same time, you should be careful not to choose a house too big for him since it wouldn't protect him appropriately from cold. This way, if your dog hasnít reach his adult size yet, you should find out which this size will be in order to buy or build a house which fits him properly, or otherwise you would need to buy a new one once he grows.

Another important aspect you should consider at the time of choosing a dog house is the geographical location where the dog lives. If the dog lives in a place in which he might experience very low temperatures, the dog house should be built with a much thicker and stronger material than if it is a geographical area where temperatures are rather high year around.

Using it

Sometimes it might not be easy to help a dog understand that the dog house is where he should sleep. If your dog doesn't want to go into his house or sleep in it, you can help him understand that it is his own and friendly space by placing his food into it. Besides this, you can also place his toys in this house and congratulate him when he enters in order to help him connect that space with nice things. Information about Dogs

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† † † Information about Dogs


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