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Labrador Retriever


The Labrador retriever is a type of gun dog. This dog is muscular and robust and has a resistant, hard and short coat which usually is yellow, black, or chocolate color. Besides this, this dog is very athletic and well balanced. The average weight of a male Labrador retriever is between 30kg and 36 kg, while the average weight for females is between 25 kg and 32 kg.


Labrador retriever dogs are very friendly, intelligent, gentle, outgoing and adaptable. This dog breed is usually non-aggressive and nice with children, being a great family dog. Besides this, this dog breed is usually easy to train.

This dog breed is playful and, as its name suggests, enjoys retrieving objects. They can be very careful doing this, in such a way that they might be able to carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it.


Labrador Retrievers are very active and playful. They need to have space enough to spend energies and play, and daily walks are necessary for him to be in good shape and healthy. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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