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Chow Chow Dog

Some characteristics

Chow chow dogs are a breed originating from China, and one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Some experts state that this dog breed is among the first breeds that evolved from the wolf.

They are characterized by a blue-black tongue, a dense and furry coat, and straight posterior legs. They are also characterized by having small and rounded ears and a broad head. The coat of chow chows can be smooth or rough and in a variety of colors: cream, black, blue, red, cinnamon, gray, tan, and (unusually) white.

Personality and activity

Chow chows usually are protective, stubborn, loyal, and well-mannered, although they can become aggressive towards strangers. They tend to be dominant dogs and require a firm and patient owner, especially when they are puppies, since obedience is not among their main characteristics.

This dog breed is suitable for living in a house as well as in an apartment, although needs daily exercise to be healthy and in shape. Therefore, despite of the fact that they tend to be lazy and inactive indoors, a daily walk is very important and will prevent behavioral and health problems. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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