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Choosing a Dog Breed

There are so many!

Choosing a dog breed might not be as easy as it sounds since we might have to opt between a much greater variety than we would have thought. There are hundreds of different dog breeds, and each one of them has some own peculiarities and characteristics which differentiate from the others.

How to choose

There are some aspects you might wish to consider in order to choose your dog's breed. The dog's size is probably one of the main aspects to consider and often overlooked. You should choose your dog's breed according to your house's size and the size of the space in which he will be. Dog breeds of big size should not live in a small apartment or both, the dog and you would suffer from it.

Besides the dog breed size, you should also consider their breed's characteristics and overall personality. All dog breeds have some characteristics which define them, such as being energetic, being quiet, being very playful, being very sociable, or being friendly with children. This way, if the dog's new family consists on adult and calm people, they should avoid choosing a playful or energetic dog breed, or in case the dog's new family has children, the ideal dog breed for them would be one which is friendly with children and preferably of small size.

Everyone should be happy

The dog breed a family chooses should be one with which all the family members are happy as well as they should make sure the dog will be happy in their house as well. If any of the parts, the family members or the dog, are not happy with each other, it could end up in a problematic situation. This way, it is very important to think carefully which breed to choose and remember that by adopting a dog we are making a long term commitment.

Once a family has chosen a dog breed with which everybody is happy and taking into account the dog’s personality and needs, everybody will enjoy the new situation and bonds will automatically be born between the dog and each family member. All dog breeds have their unique characteristics and all of them are special, any dog breed you choose will be the right choice to you if you take these characteristics and personality into account. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs

A list of different dog breeds and their characteristics Information about Dogs


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