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Weimaraner Dog

Some characteristics

Weimaraners are very elegant large silver-gray dogs. They are also known as Grey Ghosts or Silver ghosts. Their weight usually varies between 25 kg and 32 kg, while their height ranges between 61 cm and 69 cm. Their eyes are gray, grayish blue or amber color.

This dog breed has an athletic appearance with a short haired coat. The coat might vary in shades of gray, but is always gray. Their ears tend to be of a lighter color than the rest of their bodies.


Weimaraners tend to be very cheerful, caring, and affectionate dogs who also are stubborn and often not easy to train. They are good guardians and tend to be careful with people they don't know as well as they might be unfriendly with other dogs.

This dog breed is very sociable and likes to be with the family. He needs to be part of the family activities and will be unhappy if left alone for long periods of time. Since they tend to be very energetic, they need big spaces where they can spend energies and exercise on a daily basis. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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