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Welcoming Your Puppy Dog

Be ready

Properly receiving and welcoming a puppy dog implies a variety of different factors and might not be as easy as we might first think. This way, it is important to learn the basic aspects and factors to cover before he comes home in order to be able to be ready and take care for him properly.

Be aware of the responsibilities

Welcoming a puppy implies an important amount of responsibility since this young dog will depend on you, and therefore you should be sure of being able to commit and properly attend him since the moment he arrives to the house. A puppy implies a long term commitment, and once he arrives to your house you would be responsible for paying attention to his health and needs.

Tolerance and patience

Teaching and taking care of a puppy dog implies tolerance and patience, since this young dog will be permanently willing to explore the world that surrounds him, relieving himself almost anywhere, and even chewing some things you might have never imagined he would chew. All these things will happen until he learns the right behavior, and this behavior will have to be taught by you step by step, with patience and tolerance.

Do you have enough time?

Taking care of a puppy dog takes time. A puppy dog needs almost constant attention, since most of the time he is awake he is constantly moving, chewing things, exploring, and would need you to take him out to relieve himself every two or two and a half hours in order to learn and avoid doing it in the wrong place. This way, you should count on an important amount of time in which you could take care of the puppy dog and teach him, an amount of time that will decrease as he grows up, although you would always need to spend some time with him, take him out for a walk, and play for a while with him every day once he is a grown up dog as well. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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