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Dalmatian Dog

Some general characteristics

Dalmatians are widely known by their charming white with black spots coat as well as they have become famous through many films and tv shows exhibited worldwide. This mid size dog breed is characterized by being well muscled and strong, with a general body appearance that is often compared to the pointers.

A physical description

Dalmatian's coat is characterized by showing short dense hair and by being, most of the times, white with black spots, although there might also be some Dalmatians showing colors such as brown, orange, or even bluish spots. Dalmatians' eyes are usually brown or blue, although sometimes they might also have one brown eye and one blue eye.


In general, Dalmatians are characterized by being very playful and active. This dog breed needs to exercise daily and as much as possible, and they also need to be able to have access to an area where they can run and play as often as possible. Besides this, Dalmatians are also characterized by being very friendly and affectionate as well as extremely sociable in most cases.


Dalmatian puppies are usually white since their spots do not show until they are some months old. These puppies tend to be very lively and enthusiastic as well as they usually require firm training due to the fact that they tend to be very strong willed. A Dalmatian puppy would require daily walks and plenty of exercising due to the fact that they are extremely active and playful. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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