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Info About Dog Food


Feeding him properly

It is very important for your dog to receive the proper dog food in order to receive the elements he needs and be healthy. The right food for a dog would vary according to their size, age and other factors, and therefore it is a very important to ask a professional which kind of food each dog should receive.

According to his age

Depending on his age, a dog would need a specific combination of elements and the food which would be the most appropriate for a puppy would not be the same than the most suitable one for an adult dog. This way, there are different balanced treats for each different age, as well as a veterinarian would recommend you a specific diet for you to cook or prepare for your dog in case you opt for home made food.

His preferences

Most dogs enjoy a similar type of foods, although each one of them might have their preferences, and, for example, some treats can be loved by a dog and hated by another. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to which food your dog likes and which he doesn't eat, since he might not even want to approach to some treats he dislikes.

Some things to avoid

There are some foods and elements which should always be avoided at the time of feeding a dog. Chicken bones are one of the first examples of elements which should not be given to a dog, since these kinds of bones usually brake in edgy borders which could cause serious internal wounds to the dog. Besides this, you should also avoid food containing flours, salt and sugar in general.

It is also important to always keep chocolate away from your dog, since he would probably love it but it would be very bad to his health. You should never give chocolate to your dog since it contains an ingredient which the dog's organism does not process and, when eaten in certain amounts, could even be fatal for him. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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