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Great Dane

Interesting facts

The Great Dane is a working, giant size type of dog, and one of the tallest dog breeds. This dog usually is of gentle personality, in such a way that is often called the "Gentle Giant".

Some characteristics

Great Dane dogs are robust and elegant at the same time. These dogs have straight front legs, muscular neck and thighs, and short thick fur. Their color can vary: Great Dane dogs can be, for example, yellow gold and black, tiger-stripped, steel blue, black, and gray.

Personality and health

Usually, Great Dane dogs are kind, playful, and affectionate. This dog tends to be very sociable and friendly, and needs to be involved in the family activities. Although this breed usually is friendly and kind, in some cases it might become aggressive, and due to this and its size, it should be well trained since he is young, and ideally by an expert, in order to teach him obey orders and control any possible aggressiveness.

Also, due to its size, and despite it tends to be inactive indoors, a Great Dane surely needs a big space for recreation and should not live in an apartment or small place unless he has access to areas where he can exercise and have daily walks. This dog always needs open areas where he can exercise and keep in shape. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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