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The Right Dog Collar

Choosing one

There is such a wide variety of different dog collars that choosing one can be more difficult the more we search. From simple ones to sophisticated illuminated dog collars, picking one up can become a difficult decision to make. There are many factors to consider at the time of choosing a dog collar, such as the dog’s comfort, people’s safety and his own while being walked, and, of course, allowing him to look cute.

Where to start

In order to start choosing a dog collar you should pay attention to your dog's size and personality. A big dog would need a stronger collar than a small one, and an energetic dog would need a more resistant collar than a quieter one or else he could find the way of getting rid of it or even break it.

The size

The size of the collar is a key factor at the time of choosing the correct one for your dog, and you should ask for guidance on which the proper size is in case you have any doubts. You should make sure of buying a dog collar which would properly fit your dog, in such a way that it would not be too big or to small since both situations would be problematic.

You should be sure the dog collar size is correct in order to avoid it from hurting your dog by being too small or letting him loose it by being to big. In order for the collar to show the correct size, it should allow you to easily pass one or two fingers between it and the dog while he wears it.

Colors, motifs, and other characteristics

Once you have found a dog collar which is resistant enough and fits your dog properly, it is time to choose among other features such as color or motif. These aspects depend on your taste and preferences, and there is such a wide variety from which to choose that it is most likely you could find one which properly fits what you (and your dog, of course) prefer. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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