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Irish Setter

Irish Setter: a brief description

The Irish setter is a breed of gundog, which, as the name describes, belongs to the Setter family and his origins are from Ireland. This dog breed is characterized by having a moderately long haired silky coat, usually of a beautiful red color.

This dog has an aristocratic and elegant appearance when is still as well as when is moving. Their average size is of between 64 cm and 69 cm, with a weight of between 24 kg and 29 kg for females and between 27 kg and 32 kg for males.

Irish setter: temperament

Irish Setters usually are energetic, intelligent and affectionate dogs. Besides this, they usually tend to be very nice with children, but they also might tend to be stubborn and sometimes not so easy to train.

Since this breed is energetic and very active, it is usually not recommended for living in an apartment or small place. Irish setters need to be able to exercise and spend energies on a daily basis. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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