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Pointer Dog

A general overview

Pointer dogs belong to what is known as the gundog group. Pointer dogs usually show a great mood and likeable personality as well as they are very sensitive, loyal and protective to their families. Their history is somehow difficult to be told, since there are Pointers from different origins, such as Pointers with Spanish roots and Pointers with English roots, and it is almost impossible to clearly define their origin.

A physical description

Pointers show a very agile and sportive general appearance. They are very stylish and athletic, and their average height is of between 63cm and 69cm in males and between 61cm and 66cm in females. Pointers' coats show short and soft hair, usually in white and reddish-brown colors. One of the main characteristics of this dog breed is the style they show while running and when pointing to the quarry.

Their temper

Pointers' temper generally is very likeable. This dog breed is characterized by being very friendly and caring as well as, most of the times, they are very obedient and protective. Besides this, Pointers' temper is also characterized by usually being very nice with children, which turns them into a good option for families with kids.

Some other characteristics

Pointers usually become very attached to their families and therefore need to be close to them and included to their activities as often as possible. As any other dog would, Pointers need to be cared and feel they belong to the family. Despite of the fact that they are very protective and loyal, the fact that they are so friendly causes them to be less suitable as guardian dogs since they would, most of the times, be very friendly and welcoming to people they don't know. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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